Covid-19 and your cat

As the country starts to awake from the shutdown, our cattery is ready to look after your cat. Obviously, there are social distancing measures to follow, so we have developed a new way to greet and hand over your cat.

1. Before setting off to the cattery please call to let us know when you think you will arrive. Dont forget your masks!

2. When you arrive please park on the drive and ring the bell on the gate. If there is no answer please ring the house bell.

3. On arrival we will ask you to enter the cattery and allow you to settle your cat/s in the chalet

5. We will talk to you from 2 meters away and confirm pick-ups arrangements etc

6. We will disinfect you cat carrier.

7. On pick up, again confirm your arrival beforehand via phone. We will have your cat/s ready.

8. If there is someone in the cattery when you arrive I we will ask you to wait in the car until the cattery is free.